Photography: New Forum for Scott Critiques





Scott Critiques offers

FREE critiques

designed to help

people learn

better picture skills.





Scott, up to this point, has done a one-on-one critique.  Now, he is asking you, the viewer, to take part in the criticism of pictures uploaded by others. To do that, he has created a Flickr group.

Here’s how things will happen now:

Each week, Scott will pick one picture from the group pool and post it on his blog. He will then create a new thread in the Flickr group discussion forum

to which you can add your critique and post altered versions before Scott closes the thread to add his final comments and upload his version to the blog.

I think everyone, from newbie to pro can learn something during these productive discussions, whether or not you offer a photo or add a critique.

To view the full critique details, click on the following link and view the posts from April 6th though the 13th:



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2 Responses to “Photography: New Forum for Scott Critiques”

  1. Silapolxxzz Says:

    Hello !

    I’m new on this forum so I introduce me…

    My name is Jason I’m 21 years old, I’m Deutsch.

    I like: horses and dogs…

    Nice to meet you

  2. ementymoult Says:

    Hello to All the Guests and Members,
    My computer worked not correctly, many mistakes and buggs. Help me, please to fix errors on my computer.
    My operation system is Windows7.

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