Process: Before and after


In the previous Top Posts pic, I indicated the artwork was made on

my computer. I started the process by filling in some random blocks

of color, and changed a few blocks into gradients in Photoshop.

Since I didn’t have a defined rectangular edge, I chose to add a

Gaussian blur, which gave me a more solid and textured look.

Here’s the pre-Picnik versions:


© Diane Beaty

© Diane Beaty











© Diane Beaty

© Diane Beaty











In Picnik, I added a border.


© Diane Beaty

© Diane Beaty











I then played with some other options (sorry, I can’t

remember all that were used) but the swirls definitely

came from the Hypnotic option where I did use offset.

That gave me this:


© Diane Beaty

© Diane Beaty











And the pic I posted was a crop I did for that post:


© Diane Beaty

© Diane Beaty














Sometimes it’s fun to start with nothing and see where

the creative process takes you…


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