Poem: What if…











     What if all the city services

     were gone, and a fire

     flashed up, all hungry for

     your home, and there was

     no one to answer your

     distress — no 9-1-1 dispatcher,

     no fireman leaving rest

     to come…and, even if he

     did, no water to appear

     to quench the flames…

     and no electric light to shine

     upon the remnants of your life,

     slicked up, in ashes.

                           © Diane Beaty


The fire hydrant photo in today’s batch of pics reminded me

of the above poem that I wrote rather quickly at a poetry group’s

meeting some years back. Each group member had a short

amount of time to write something that started with the words

“What if” and the above is what I came up with for that

particular exercise.


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