Thank You



© Diane Beaty


This site, dig-n-dash, has just totally flown by the 10,000

views mark. Nevertheless, I would like to stop and take

a moment to thank all the photographers and artists whose

wonder-filled works have graced these pages.


In addition, I would like to give special thanks to all who

not only stop by, but also leave their insightful comments;

life is much fuller with blogging friends.


[As always, click on the links to view the particulars of

the photographs etc. used in each post.]


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6 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    OH! One of my favorite things to try to photograph is water–and better yet, water with reflections and —never mind—this is quite a piece. MMMM!!! congrats on al the ‘stops’ and do please keep the sights coming. Enjoying them much.

    • planetcity1 Says:

      You’d never know it by looking, but that particular piece of digital art started life as a photo of my neighbor’s trees. After numerous morphings through Photoshop, Paint, and Picnik, I arrived at that final “golden” piece. Like you, I love the fluid, reflective quality of the finished image.

  2. I, Like The View Says:

    and thank you – planet – for such a beautiful place!

    • planetcity1 Says:

      I don’t know if WordPress carries the thingie that allows one to view the latest posts from links, but I do like that addition to your new blog. And I’m always attracted to the colors and textures you display as well as the depth and variety of your posts.

      Visiting with you and Mel always keeps the creative juices flowing.

      [Perhaps one of these days Mel will tell us where she found those magic wand straw thingies; thus far, she’s uttered not a peep.]

  3. Mel Says:

    Happy six month anniversary to you–and at 10,000…….wow, what an anniversary!!

    You do the work, I reap the rewards. LOL It’s a good deal, if you ask me!! 😉

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Well, as long as you consider it a good deal, Mel, i guess i’ll keep at it till my computer croaks…lol…

      Seriously, someone has to do the work in order that others may reap the rewards, and i do so love pulling together and showcasing these hidden gems that are scattered far and wide around the ‘net.

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