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leaf 62909


Digital Art — Leaf 62909 — © Diane Beaty


If you have arrived late to the site, here are links to some of the top

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that for which i’m thankful

Quote of the Day

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Love in Black and White

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Final Moments

Flame Eternal, Light the Ages

Photographic Psychology: Abstracts

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Eyeliner Lily

Digital art: Home

A Couple of Swells – Judy Garland &

Digital art: 6.20.09

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Legends Online: Photographer Arnold Newm

Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra – “New York, Ne

Judy and Liza – Let Me Entertain You / T

Tactile Art: How to make Organic Play Do

that for which i am thankful II

Quote of the Day

Ella Fitzgerald — I can’t give you any

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day


Note: the leaf in the artwork above is a real leaf

that I have digitally altered.


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