Digital art: Mardi Gras 7109

Mardi Gras 7109


© Diane Beaty


This piece started life in the bomomo program, which works

in the Internet Explorer browser, but not the default browser 

I currently use. Still, it’s worth the hassle of opening a different

browser for your bomomo sessions if you can come up with

interesting creations.


bomomo can be found at the following link:




[Each button at the bottom gives you a different effect; just play

with buttons until you are happy with what you see. Don’t like it?

Clear the slate and start over; I find a good dose of experimentation

usually leads to digital magic.]


Note: bomomo is a FREE program. There’s no cost involved in

putting together your next creation.


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2 Responses to “Digital art: Mardi Gras 7109”

  1. iheartfilm Says:

    I love using PaintBrush and making stuff like this. The Jackson Pollock dripping paint option is so cool.

    • planetcity1 Says:

      A Jackson Pollock dripping paint option??? Aack… I would love to try that but I don’t have a Mac. 😦

      Anyone know of a similar program with that effect???

      [I prefer Free programs, since I am currently living on an extremely limited income.]

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