Photographer Leonard Misonne

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Click on the following link to view some of the work

from today’s Quote of the Day Photographer,

Leonard Misonne:



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8 Responses to “Photographer Leonard Misonne”

  1. todaysnewsart Says:

    I agree with what planetcity says about equipment. You know what expensive equipment is? A handicap. It’s like a writer who needs a bookshelf filled with mahogany books, a globe encrusted with emeralds and a Persian rug on the floor to be “in the zone” and write. I am not a photographer but I do like photography and everytime I go look at some kid’s blog who says “this was shot with just a ___” or “my crappy __ camera took this shot” I can’t even tell the difference. It looks like a clear shot pretty much all the time. That’s not what you should be focusing on. Oh, and don’t apologize.

    You learn to accomplish by going out there and take pictures all the time. Also, look at pictures all the time. There’s also a lot of reason to take the indirect route and diversify. Are you going to be famous by having a wordpress blog where you post pictures? Seriously unlikely. Not to shake your confidence but there are a million people just like you. Find a way to be different.

    • 47whitebuffalo Says:

      I would never call my little minolta crappy–it does the best it can with ‘me’ pointing it–and it has surprised on several occassions with reflections and in b&w–just a long way to go to where I want to get to in regard to consistent quality. Support and encouragement much appreciated. Really. I do understand about ‘different’–oh yes. Looking at pictures–yes–which is why I enjoy finding the ‘older’ masters on sites like this. Hmm. Grins all around.

  2. iheartfilm Says:

    Choix Difficule is amazing. Those gelatin silver prints are just magic.

    • planetcity1 Says:

      It is a wonderful print, and a reminder that we once had a very personal connection to the sources of our food. And it is a difficult choice, is it not, when the suppliers, the vendors, are all lifelong friends?

  3. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    I’m ‘hearing’ your positive perspective—need focus, effort and to dump doubt, yeah, excellent points–for more than photography. thanks..

    • planetcity1 Says:

      You’re welcome. These are steps that personally worked for me. When I started as a poet, everyone else was using computers while I was scratching out work using a couple of pencils and some scrap paper pads. That didn’t deter me.

      I kept at it, got some things published, and it was with a local Arts Council grant as an Emerging Artist in Literature that I was able to purchase my first computer.

      I read a lot on my own in the beginning, and absorbed those things that made sense to me. I also joined groups of like-minded artists & writers, and took a couple of writing classes that focused on the fundamentals of technique and critique.

      I’m still learning, still absorbing, still creating, and it is that self-motivated push for more that has always led me forward in each and every creative endeavor.

      You can do it, my friend, you can become the photographer you want to be.

  4. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    He captured lost worlds, lost times…incredible work! okay, now how can I learn to accomplish the same with my little minolta x700???? is it even possible???? I seriously doubt it……

    • planetcity1 Says:

      It has been my experience that doubt is the one road that always leads to failure. Is anything possible??? Yes, if you dig in, work at it, and learn to train your eye towards the many possibilities that already exist in the world around you.

      Equipment means nothing without the person who is taking the shot. That camera is the extension of you.

      Learn the rules. Break the rules. Experiment with what is before you, and before you know it, you will have started a body of work that has your unique mark.

      Put your latest images away. Pull them out later when you can examine them closely with a fresh and more critical eye. Note what works and what doesn’t in each. Cull out the better pieces.

      You can become the photographer you want to be, but it will take focus and effort on your part.

      Does anyone else want to add their two cents??? — I know there are plenty of others on this blog who can add much to the conversation…

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