Poem: Universal Family

universal family clipart













   I watch

   as the wavy lines on the maps

   move, and the countries’

   names are strange, but the people

   themselves seem most familiar –


   like distant cousins in another

   state whose names you once knew

   well, but had forgotten, till

   the family newsletter came

   in the post, and past and present


   were linked once again –

   almost as if you and they

   had flung open an iron gate,

   or leaped a knee-high picket

   fence, and settled in to chat –


   all time forgotten in the flush

   of fresh memories –

   sweet as the scent of pine

   on a forest floor after a long,

   hard winter.


                         © Diane Beaty


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3 Responses to “Poem: Universal Family”

  1. Ella Says:

    Hi Diane,

    I found this site through a search for a photo for my self publishing book. I have viewed much of your creative work, and I am very impressed.

    Praise God for you and the using of your gifts that He has given you in your poems and art work.

    Is this photo used on the Universal family of your photos or public domian? As I am interested in using it on my self publishing book cover.
    Sorry, I couldn’t find any other means of contacting you. ;o)
    Thank you,

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Hi. No problem on the means of contact. In this case, the photo is a clipart piece, and thus wasn’t taken by me.
      [I’m sure a photographer or artist in your area would be more than happy to create something similar for your
      cover if you don’t have access to the original piece.]

      p.s. — Thanks for taking the time to view my work. I do showcase quite a bit of work done by others on the site;
      so I hope you can return and also view the work they’ve done.

  2. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    ah the scent of pine….
    never seems to entirely disappear no matter what ..nice

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