Digital art: Bottlebrush Abstract

bottlebrush kaleidoscope copyripple

© Diane Beaty


This is another piece utilizing the bottlebrush photo. This time I ran it

twice through kaleidoscope on the copy setting, rather than mirror,

and brought it into Picnik where I then applied the ripple filter.


Click on the link to view the larger version:



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5 Responses to “Digital art: Bottlebrush Abstract”

  1. mousesurfer Says:

    Eh, it’s okay. I never liked that type of abstract. Too messy.

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  2. toan hoc Says:

    This is not new. But you give me a fresh point of view. Thank you.

  3. agrufus Says:

    Pretty good!

  4. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    “wow!” to the amount of detail visible in the larger version.

  5. localdrivinglessons Says:

    very nice work , good keep it up

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