Digital art: Color Combos The Easy Way

One of the many choices in Picnik is something called Waterfall

by Kevin Goldsmith. What this selection does is break up a photo

into ribbons of its component colors, and these color bars change

considerably as you run your cursor up and down the pic.


What I like to do is to glide down a photo slowly, stopping

whenever the resulting color combination strikes my fancy.

I then hit Print Screen [Prt Scr] on my computer keyboard,

and open up Paint.


From there I click edit, paste, and then use the select tool

to cut out the resultant rectangle of my chosen selection.

My next step Is to click new, choose don’t save on the used

selection, and then click paste in the new.


I use the select tool again to surround the part I wish to copy

and then click copy and paste.


I move that slice down into place until I have built a bit of

a square or rectangle. I save the finished rectangle, and now

have a pleasing-to-me color bar ready for future projects.


Going  back to the original piece in Picnik, I repeat the process,

as each area of the photo will offer multiple views.


waterfall sample 2 -- splash


waterfall sample -- splash


waterfall sample 7 -- splash


The top pic shows a color bar selection built from the topmost color

slice shown in the actual Waterfall of photo two. Photo two shows

an example of what one sees when using the Waterfall effect in the

Picnik program. The bottom pic is culled from a waterfall slice

taken more from the bottom of the middle example.


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