Photo Workshop: Fine Art Landscapes

camera -- 35mm












Michael Gordon and Guy Tal team up for what looks to be one sumptuous workshop in October.

The location??? Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, scene of today’s selection of photos.


If you’re physically fit and want to take your landscape photos to the next level, be sure to check this workshop out:



Note: Even if you are not interested in the workshop itself, do view Michael’s and Guy’s photos, which are a veritable feast for the eyes.


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3 Responses to “Photo Workshop: Fine Art Landscapes”

  1. bretedge Says:

    Michael and Guy are both amazing photographers but they are also really great, down to earth guys who know how to instruct other photographers. I took their very first workshop in the Escalante and walked away with a much improved capacity to “see” photographically.

  2. Mel Says:

    Between his photos and the photos for today, I sooooooo want to make a trip to Utah.

    Absolutely stunning.
    (I’m relatively sure that’s not said about little ol’ Iowa…LOL)

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