Photohistorians Alison & Helmut Gernsheim


camera -- stamp2













Helmut Gernsheim and his wife Alison contributed greatly to the

research in and preservation of early photographic works.

Together, they penned a number of books.


The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin

houses a particularly interesting Gernsheim find, the first

photograph ever taken. Go to the following link to read about

that: #mce_temp_url#


And, at the following addy, you will find a pdf copy of an

issue of Image Magazine Online in which Gernsheim discusses

his entry into the world of photographic collecting in 1944 after

much encouragement from Beaumont Newhall:



There, he describes his early methods of collecting, and how his

monographs of Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, and

David Octavius Hill evolved.


[I myself loved a sub-story in this article about a certain

Mrs. Duckworth, but I won’t reveal it, as you’ll have to

read it for yourself.]


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  1. Doctorate Upholder Says:

    i wish i owned a camera like that

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