Three Cliffs Bay — HDR


© Wiffsmiff23

© Wiffsmiff23












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2 Responses to “Three Cliffs Bay — HDR”

  1. hjamesphotos Says:

    This is a wonderful image, I really like it! I’m just learning HDR and I’ve only tried doing it once to balance an interior and exterior of a house. You certainly seem like you know what you’re doing so maybe if you have the time you could stop by my blog and give me some comments and tips! Thanks for posting this!

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Hayden, I will definitely check out your site. Meanwhile, I need to explain that the pics and quotes used here at this site come from a variety of sources [think of this site as a guide pointing the way] so it is necessary for one to follow links and look for individual attributions.

      Each link will take you to the source in another window, where works can be viewed in their original or larger size.

      I do include my own work here on occasion, and those will be tagged © Diane Beaty.

      As for HDR technique, Ferrell McCullough, aka ‘Before the Coffee’, has a book on HDR technique available, and I have that posted in the links section of this blog. He also has some HDR tutorials listed at his site which you might find of use:

      Good luck with your work and site, and thanks for stopping by dig-n-dash.

      p.s. — Ferrell just did a CD cover for a rapper named Breezy — everyone should check out that first photo posted which is perfect IMHO.

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