Digital art: magic – 9109

magic -- 9109


© Diane Beaty

This piece is a collage produced by adding and tinkering with a

multiple number of layers in various programs. It has been run

through Photoshop, Picnik, Paint and Picasa. 



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4 Responses to “Digital art: magic – 9109”

  1. Mel Says:


    Makes me wanna make tissue snowflakes. I think it’s the texture…… Well, that and it was a whopping 42 degrees this morning. :-/

  2. I, Like The View Says:

    ah! I do so love kaleidoscopes. . .


    thank you for sharing!

    • planetcity1 Says:

      thank you for checking out the new creations…there’s more, but, right now, i’m backed up time-wise…i messed up my laptop so am doing all the required functions to try and get it up to speed. i’m one of those folks who doesn’t multi-task well, so the push this, start that, is driving me crazy

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