To Friends & Guests

This time of year is busy for me, so there may be times when

I no longer post on a daily basis. I will try my best to add

new poetry, photography, submission info and art, but, on

those days when I don’t have time to post, feel free to chat 

among yourselves or dive into the already voluminous

archives of links and posts. Thanks.


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2 Responses to “To Friends & Guests”

  1. Mel Says:

    *nodding* Sometimes life’ll do that–warp right into the fast lane and leave me scrambling.

    Or–maybe it’s just all the preparation for Halloween you’re getting involved in!! 🙂

    • planetcity1 Says:

      No one prepares for Halloween like you do…lol… The pace of life here in Plant City goes a bit faster once we have made it though the heat of summer. It’s a time for fix-its and cleanings, leaf-raking, and the usual flurry of art guild meetings meetings and social events.
      And the recent crash of my laptop has also reminded me that there is computer upkeep to look into also. If I’m going to be creating a lot of digital stuff, I need to get a lot more organized before everything I’ve pulled together simply vanishes into ether.

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