Digital art: Exotic I

exotic 1 -- 91209


© Diane Beaty

A kaleidoscope featuring some island colors.



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2 Responses to “Digital art: Exotic I”

  1. Joyce Bugaiski Says:

    I really like this Exotic I. It’s AWESOME!
    I like the poetry also. I’m printing it out and putting it in my “Green Poems” book.

    Keep up the good work.
    The “Lampost” is wonderful. You need to enter some of this stuff!

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Hey. The children’s poems were written a long time ago. Sandman Dan garnered a blue ribbon from the Contra Costa County Fair in California in the early 80’s if I’m not mistaken on the date. I guess I should mention to the rest of the folks here that “Green Poems” is the title of a chapbook I put out a few years back containing some of my work. As for that lamppost, it was just begging to have its pic taken 🙂

      I wish folks here could see some of your stuff. Do you have a webpage we could go to or a few photos you’d like to share??? I’m spoiled, you know, as I get to see your work in person 😉

      p.s.– check out Raven’s site…his nature shots will blow you away.

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