Colour Chart/Tate Liverpool Follow-up

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An image of the Colour Chart poster is now available online. As you may recall, this poster was created to coincide with the Colour Chart exhibition at Tate Liverpool  featuring artworks from 1950 to the present. That particular exhibition ended September 13th.

Go here to view an image of that poster:



You can find a list of future Tate Liverpool exhibitions here:



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4 Responses to “Colour Chart/Tate Liverpool Follow-up”

  1. I, Like The View Says:

    clever you!! how wonderful for you. . . now, can you photoshop that into a rainbow? I do so love rainbows. . .


    (I might have to buy the poster you know, I joined Tate when I went to the Richard Long the other day – get 20% off in the gift shop!!!)

    • planetcity1 Says:

      umm…maybe a rainbow from something else if i ever go into rainbow mode…lol…

      Tate is not offering the poster for sale…i did ask them about that in an e-mail…what they said was that they would try to mail the winners an extra copy of the poster if they had one available…i guess these fall under the category of a very, very limited print…

  2. Mel Says:

    Oh wow…… 🙂

    I’m so proud for you.
    And I’m proud OF you.

    WOW!!! 🙂

  3. kseverny Says:

    nice poster

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