Digital art: Lakeside Morning

Lakeside Morning


© Diane Beaty

Lakeside memories.

Click on the link for a larger view:



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7 Responses to “Digital art: Lakeside Morning”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    Makes me want to SWIM, right now!

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Hi. Swimming sounds good 🙂 [And now I’m wondering if Ms. Mel brings her rubber duckies to the lake and/or beach…lol]

      • 47whitebuffalo Says:

        oooo Rubber duckies! LOL! Quack quack fun times! silliness abounds momentarily in the quick of it all….

        Btw, you hear anything from Pine Ridge about the food & fuel situation?

        • planetcity1 Says:

          I don’t know the present situation regarding food and fuel other than to say members of such groups as One Spirit and the Yahoo Group Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation are doing all they can year-round to assist the residents of the rez.
          Winter, of course, is the cruelest time for such shortages, and one hears second-hand reports of many people dying, but with Spring comes the news of people having their meters pulled for non-payment of bills, so really, the desperation of this situation never seems to come to the point where it fully ceases or slackens.
          I am noticing more eBay items coming from residents on the rez, and those sales offer a bit of respite from the ranks of chronic unemployment and the high rates of teen suicides the rez is known for — still, there are far too many in this country who don’t know (or don’t care) what is happening right here in the States.
          [And, yes, sometimes that bit of silliness is the thing that keeps one sane.]

          • 47whitebuffalo Says:

            I did catch one small news sound bite–and I do mean ‘bite’–about a totall lack of food and fuel on Pine Ridge because the roads were literallly UNusuable, as in absolutely NO travelling possible for a time Things got really bad on Cheyenne River when all the power lines went down–2,500 of them–that’s a lot of lines etc…
            so much for the ducks…

  2. I, Like The View Says:

    oooh – that reminds me of some of the photos I took of the sunlight on the waves in the shallows when I was on holiday

    I followed the link and looked at your flickr page – really like the simplicity of Lamplight and really really liked Roadway in Winter!

    thanks for sharing


    • planetcity1 Says:

      Thanks for the comments and taking the time to check out my Flickr Photostream. I appreciate the feedback, as it gives me a feel as to what works for others and what does not. 🙂

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