Digital Art: Parmanu1



As most of you know, I like starting my pieces with something that catches my fancy. Today’s beginning photo was provided by Parmanu, a fellow WordPress blogger.

Parmanu hails from India and presently resides in Germany, which is where the majority of my ancestors once lived. The source photo he has graciously allowed me to use has a wonderful array of fall leaves and an interesting branch. You can view the original photo here:


[Don’t forget to favorite his site if you, as I did, like what you see.]


And you can view a larger version of this artwork here:



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2 Responses to “Digital Art: Parmanu1”

  1. Parmanu Says:

    Diane, this is astonishing, quite magical. And like every magical act, this prompts the question: how did she do it?! (And like any good magician you must not reveal your secret!)

    I know that I’m going to keep coming back to these images. Thank you so much.

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