WordPress Contest

WP contest -- 101909


© Diane Beaty


As you know, today is the deadline for entering the WordPress

contest, so if you haven’t posted your entry yet, you need to get

crackin’.   🙂


The above image is my entry into this competition. Voting comes

later, once the WordPress crew places the various entries into



Good luck to all who choose to enter!!!


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6 Responses to “WordPress Contest”

  1. Mel Says:

    Very cool.
    And very cool that you entered.
    KEEP entering…..cuz you never know what’ll happen! 😉

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Hmm…not many entries from what I saw. It looks as if a lot of folks psyched themselves out of entering, figuring there would be a ton of competition. You know me, I enter stuff just for the experience of seeing what I can up with that fits the theme.

  2. Silindile Ntuli Says:

    Beautiful design… Good luck

  3. Sequana Says:

    Nice design……that letter still gives me shivers tho. *S*

    If I ever need anything monogrammed, I know who to contact for snazzy letters.

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