Mary Youngblood and Jim Brock

A drum and a Native American flute performance that is sure to please. 🙂


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9 Responses to “Mary Youngblood and Jim Brock”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    Very very satisfying music selection, Planetcity. Like the rapport between the two of them. LOL.

  2. Joyce Says:

    This was so awesome! It sent me to get my drum.

  3. Mel Says:

    Yup… that was worthy of a listen!

    I do hope you’ve recovered from the ‘crud’ that was plaguing you.

    (((((((((( Planet ))))))))))))))

    • planetcity1 Says:

      Yes, I’m feeling better, and staring at a very long list of things that need to be done — especially the leaves that need to be raked before the oak pollen kicks in. [I’m allergic to oak pollen so I need the yard cleared so the pollen can be bagged up and carried off quickly once it falls.]
      Fifty or sixty trash bags full of leaves and sticks and I’ll have those licked. I did manage to get my eyes checked and my car serviced this week, so I’m not totally behind…lol… And, I’m still wading bit by bit through that tall stack of books.

  4. I, Like The View Says:

    beautiful! it’s made my cat look all confused. . .


    • planetcity1 Says:

      i’m glad you liked it, but do apologize to the kitty for me for any confusion caused 🙂 was it also confused by the llama song???

      • Mel Says:

        Oh, it’s soooooooooooo tempting to start singin’….LOL I’m going to hope the raking is completed, the body is rejuvenated and the hope of spring is bringing you some renewed energy…..send some my way, eh?

        Ohhhhhh…’s a llama, there’s a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama funny llama, llama llama DUCK!

        k….just had to……LOL

        • planetcity1 Says:

          Thanks, Mel, I love the llama song 🙂 And I haven’t yet finished with the leaves. I got ’em started but then the weather evolved into rain and cold and wind and I had to do a change of plans. Spring is a bit tricky for me, cuz the oak pollen, mold counts etc. tend to kick my butt. I do hope everyone up north gets a bit of Spring soon, and that the snowmelts don’t turn into a ton of flooding. I’d send you some warm weather, Mel, but we haven’t had a lot of that around here this year. I do hope you’re feeling better than you were the other day. (((((((Mel)))))))

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