Dancing on Wheels — Diana Morgan-Hill

Dancing on Wheels, a current BBC production, is a dance competition like no other.

After viewing, visit Diana’s site for the inside scoop on this reality

show: #mce_temp_url#

Also, the BBC site for Dancing on Wheels has an interactive game

in which you become a judge of dance. Can you cut it as a judge???

Find out here: #mce_temp_url#


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3 Responses to “Dancing on Wheels — Diana Morgan-Hill”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    oh Planet! That’s a lovely video to share. Heavy sigh.
    It reminds me of Strictly Ballroom—without all the tension and conflict of that film.

  2. Mel Says:

    Ohmygosh……I got all choked up just watching…..

    Heart in throat kinda deal. She’s just so beautiful….and so……soo….full of grace…….


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