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Printable Coloring Pages

February 19, 2010

offers free coloring

pages at the 

following addy:



Quote of the Day

December 26, 2009




The greatest value

of a picture is

when it forces us

to notice what

we never expected

to see.

John W. Tukey

(1915 – 2000)

American Chemist/


Tukey was an pre-computer home-schooled data geek. Check out his bio here:


The following is from Wiki:

“Tukey coined many statistical terms that have become part of common usage, but the two most famous coinages attributed to him were related to computer science.

While working with John von Neumann on early computer designs, Tukey introduced the word “bit” as a contraction of “binary digit”.[2] The term “bit” was first used in an article by Claude Shannon in 1948.

The term “software“, which Paul Niquette claims he coined in 1953, was first used in print by Tukey in a 1958 article in American Mathematical Monthly, and thus some attribute the term to him;[3] incorrectly, according to Niquette’s claim.

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Design a Tin Contest

October 15, 2009

art clip art













Glade is sponsoring a design a tin contest.

You may submit up to 10 entries.


Deadline:  October 31, 2009 at 11:59:59 pm  CT


Click on the following link for full details:


@yourlibrary® Design Contest

October 6, 2009











@yourlibrary®  is seeking an original design for its first ever

Tote Bag Contest. The winning design will illustrate the spirit

and importance of American libraries.


Entries are to be submitted via a Flickr group:


Deadline: October 16th, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.


Follow the link for full contest details:


Design Is –

September 18, 2009


Design Is --




















Poster design: © Juanma Teixidó


The above design took 1st place in a What is Graphic Design

poster competition.


Go here to view the rest of the winners:



And here for an additional selection of

typography posters:


Art: Font Design

September 18, 2009











Fonts are an important part of merchandising and web design, and

are an art form in and of themselves. Here is a link for fontleech, a

site that lists some foundries offering free fonts:



In addition, My Fonts puts out a nice newletter keeping folks

updated on popular fonts. You can check out this month’s

fonts newsletter here:



Identifont can take the guesswork out of identifying a font.

Go here for that:



And, you can create a font using your own handwriting here:


Note: this one will cost you but it looks like fun.