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The Corrs — Toss The Feathers

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!!!

And who is it, now, who will draw me a pint of lovely Guinness??? 🙂


Animated E-cards

December 17, 2009

English Artist Jacquie Lawson always has 

enchanting animated e-cards to choose from

for the holiday season.

Check out all of the latest here: 


Photo Tips: How to Photograph Fireworks

July 4, 2009

fireworks -- clip art













Here’s a site that offers some how-to

tips on capturing those cascading bursts of light:




Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the party. 🙂

The Legendary Bobby Gardiner on Melodeon

March 17, 2009

Nightlife: Before & After

February 24, 2009





Often, we only get to view a final version. Here, however, the digital artist allows us a peek of the scene before working her magic. 









Here’s the finalized version of that pic.


February 12, 2009



I just wanted to take a moment 

to say thank you to everyone

who has stopped by my first


blog while it is still in its infancy.


FYI, dig-n-dash has just passed the three century 

mark (over 300 total views in less than three weeks)

with the largest number of views in a single day

coming in at a whopping 50.


I invite you drop by again and comment on

what in addition you would like to see,

or what in the past has caught your fancy.

Love, Love, Love

February 9, 2009


© Big Cat Rescue




The folks over at Big Cat 

Rescue created this fun

cougar pic, which I liked

so much that I quadrupled

it for this post. 

Here are  a couple of links

for the e-cards and

screensavers at their site:


Big Cat Rescue e-cards: #mce_temp_url#

Big Cat Rescue Screensavers: #mce_temp_url#