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Dancing on Wheels — Diana Morgan-Hill

March 5, 2010

Dancing on Wheels, a current BBC production, is a dance competition like no other.

After viewing, visit Diana’s site for the inside scoop on this reality

show: #mce_temp_url#

Also, the BBC site for Dancing on Wheels has an interactive game

in which you become a judge of dance. Can you cut it as a judge???

Find out here: #mce_temp_url#


Jordy Smith – Jeffrey’s Bay Billabong Pro

June 16, 2009


© Calico182

© Calico182






Spring Training

February 22, 2009






The Library of Congress has

a wonderful collection of

prints , such as the one

posted here, a lithograph

from 1869, showing the

First 9, the players of

the Cincinnati Red

Stockings team. Here’s

a list of those players: F. Waterman, C. A. McVey, C. Wright, Allison, 

H. Wright, Gould, A. J. Leonard, C. J. Sweasy, and Asa Brainard.


The following is a bit of background on that team:


In 1869, a man named Harry Wright founded the first professional

baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings. He charged fifty cents

admission to the games, and paid each player a salary, ranging up

to the $1400 received by George Wright, Harry’s younger brother.


George was worth the investment, though, since he batted .519

with 59 home runs that first year. Harry himself was no slouch;

he had hit seven home runs in one game a few years earlier.


The Red Stockings traveled around challenging different teams,

and by the end of 1869, they had racked up a total of 65 wins

without losing a game, and had turned a profit of $1.39.

Source: #mce_temp_url#

And so it goes… Spring arrives and the slate is clean.


The home page for  the Library of Congress images is

located here, in the Prints and Photographs Reading Room.




February 12, 2009



I just wanted to take a moment 

to say thank you to everyone

who has stopped by my first


blog while it is still in its infancy.


FYI, dig-n-dash has just passed the three century 

mark (over 300 total views in less than three weeks)

with the largest number of views in a single day

coming in at a whopping 50.


I invite you drop by again and comment on

what in addition you would like to see,

or what in the past has caught your fancy.

Shooting Stars

February 11, 2009




Ever wonder

what a photography


for a magazine

cover looks



Well, wonder no more, thanks to YouTube.


Quote of the Day

February 2, 2009




Energy and persistence conquer all things.

      — Benjamin Franklin

Super Sunday

February 1, 2009


Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII


I Stood My Ground

Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday, and the big battle takes place just down the road from me in Tampa.

I’m rooting for the Steelers 1) because Ben Roethlisberger, the Steeler Quarterback, is a fellow alum from Miami U. (Ohio) and 2) because I got called a pushy New Yorker back at the last Super Bowl in Tampa when I insisted on getting an autograph from Franco Harris after waiting in line for close to an hour only to be told he was no longer signing.

I went straight to where I knew he was, and he was in fact signing autographs, but the folks who were front and center in that little group were not any of the people who had been in line. Security was definitely not happy with me for piping up and insisting on an autograph, but Franco was kind enough to sign my card.

And now, when I’m sure of my cause, I stiffen my spine and again proudly wear that “pushy New Yorker” badge of honor. 


Here’s the link for the official site for today’s game: #mce_temp_url#