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Dancing on Wheels — Diana Morgan-Hill

March 5, 2010

Dancing on Wheels, a current BBC production, is a dance competition like no other.

After viewing, visit Diana’s site for the inside scoop on this reality

show: #mce_temp_url#

Also, the BBC site for Dancing on Wheels has an interactive game

in which you become a judge of dance. Can you cut it as a judge???

Find out here: #mce_temp_url#


Fes-te Fauvista Winners Announced

October 27, 2009

Museu Picasso









San Francisco artist Peter Combe was among the winners 

in the recent Fauvist competition sponsored by Museu

Picasso Barcelona.


Click on the link to view his and the other winning works:



Peter’s blog can be found at the following addy:


Replacing Skies

October 7, 2009

rainbow sky clipart


This blogger has an interesting post on skies, and how the choice of sky can affect the mood of a photo:


Photography: The Rembrandt Solution

September 9, 2009

camera -- 35mm












What painting’s Grand Masters can teach

today’s digital photographers:


Photography: Eye-Catching Color

September 9, 2009

camera -- 35mm












DarwinWiggett gives some tips on how to produce

eye-catching color in your photos: 



Photo Fix

September 1, 2009

There are three Flickr sub-groups available under the main title

of Fix My Pic: …just click the icon of the group you want…

fix my pic 1Fix My Pic Please
This group is for those looking to have their photos fixed. 
Simply post your images to the pool, and the editors will do their stuff.

 Fix My Pic -- Please Teach MeFix My Pic • Please Teach Me
This group is for those looking for some help with their editing skills. You will find tutorials and instructional guidance.

 Thanks for Fixin' My PicThanks for Fixin’ My Pic 🙂
This group is where you will find the completed fixes. 
The editors will be posting their work in this group’s pool.

source: Flickr – Fix My Pic

Call for Entries: Museu Picasso de Barcelona

August 29, 2009

camera -- unf










Want to try your hand at becoming a Fauvist photographer????

The Museu Picasso de Barcelona is sponsoring  a competition to celebrate their  current exhibition from the artist Kees Van Dongen, who is considered one of the key proponents of the  fauvist movement. And, they are inviting you to contribute your own fauvist photographs via  Flickr.

Deadline: September 27th, 2009

Click on the following  link for full details:


Night Photography and Light Painting

August 14, 2009

Brent Pearson -- Night Photography and Light Painting








Brent Pearson has written an e-book detailing techniques for

light painting and night photography. Go to the following

link for full details about this e-book: 



You can reach his blog at the following link: 



Note: the 7/30/09 entry gives a bit of a tutorial on one

session of light painting.

Digital art: Woven

August 10, 2009

81009 Woven

© Diane Beaty


I began this piece with a scan of fern found in my yard. From there,

I played with it a quite a bit, doing color and shape changes, and

worked with multiple layers and adjustment filters, among them

’emboss’ and ‘kaleidoscope’ until I got a look I liked. Those were

done in Photoshop, and I finished up the piece in Picnik. 


Please note: all of today’s pieces can be seen in full detail by

clicking on the link, and then all sizes. If you missed some

earlier works, you can find those also via the links, or at this

blog’s sidebar, under Pages.



Digital art: bottlebrush green 4b

August 10, 2009

bottlebrush green 4b

© Diane Beaty


This kaleidoscope piece, which began with the original bottlebrush

photo, has an inverted color scheme from the previous green4 piece.

It, too, was finished in Photoshop.