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Quote of the Day

December 26, 2009




The greatest value

of a picture is

when it forces us

to notice what

we never expected

to see.

John W. Tukey

(1915 – 2000)

American Chemist/


Tukey was an pre-computer home-schooled data geek. Check out his bio here:


The following is from Wiki:

“Tukey coined many statistical terms that have become part of common usage, but the two most famous coinages attributed to him were related to computer science.

While working with John von Neumann on early computer designs, Tukey introduced the word “bit” as a contraction of “binary digit”.[2] The term “bit” was first used in an article by Claude Shannon in 1948.

The term “software“, which Paul Niquette claims he coined in 1953, was first used in print by Tukey in a 1958 article in American Mathematical Monthly, and thus some attribute the term to him;[3] incorrectly, according to Niquette’s claim.

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Quote of the Day

December 7, 2009

Human gesture and expression are the essence of photography. It’s not about lights or fast lenses and fast film. It’s the ability to capture a moment in time. To capture the spirit of someone in that magic box is wonderful. It’s what I fell in love with as a kid. 

John Shearer

American Photographer

Note: I’ve found sites for two different John Shearers – either may or may not belong to the Quote of the Day Photographer mentioned above. Both, however, appear to have singers and musicians as their subjects:



Quote of the Day

October 23, 2009







Does it interest the eye,

excite the brain,

move the mind to reflection,

and involve the heart? 






Julian Barnes

(1946-    )

English Novelist


Julian Barne’s Brisk Inquiry Into Death’s Meaning:


Quote of the Day

October 8, 2009



[The Nature Photographer] belongs to that rare category of people who put beauty before profit and contemplation before interest – people for whom beauty is profitable and contemplation is a fundamental attitude for the enrichment of life.
In this group he will find himself in the company of the most generous and elevated minds, of those who, be they artists or not, have offered us the means of feeling at peace with the universe, of feeling the trace of the infinite and the presence of the eternal. Certainly they are a composite group and those who lead it will seem way above us, but the important thing is to feel that one is marching under the same banner, to the sound of the same fanfare.
Nature awaits him with her infinite variety; the discovery of distant lands, or opportunities no less Important or desired for, which may be just around the corner. Enjoyable walks await him, stimulating journeys; the priceless satisfaction whatever may be the outcomes of his photography, of a day well spent. 

Camillo Semenzato

(1922-    )

Italian Author & Art Historian


Quote of the Day

September 25, 2009




I hope that my photographs bring to the reader what my work brings to me: questions, more questions and a fascination with history. A grower of taro roots in French Polynesia put it this way: “What you want to know nobody knows. What you want to see cannot be seen. It is gone. But please send me your magazine. Maybe your words will tell it, maybe be your pictures will show it.




Gordon Gahan

 (1945 -1984)

American Photographer

Children’s Poem: Sandman Dan

September 13, 2009

Sandman Dan --


image & poem

© Diane Beaty



Daniel Frog I am often called,

though you can call me Dan. I live

within a lily pond; I’m working

for ‘the man’. I jump and sweep

the waters deep for a special

type of sand which helps a sleepy

little one travel to Dreamland.


I’m not well-known by anyone –

my secret’s meant to keep – even

you will forget me soon when you

drift off to sleep. So off you go

to Wonderland, and before your nap

is through, I shall slip back to my

lily pad, collect more sand for you.


                    © Diane Beaty

Digital art: Currents 9509

September 5, 2009

currents 9509


© Diane Beaty

This piece came in two parts, the first of which started out as a kaleidoscope pattern that I extracted from a larger piece. I paired that with a snakeskin I scanned and ran through Photoshop until I had the shimmery look of water and rock. Paired, these two bits took on the look and texture of glass.


Quote of the Day

August 7, 2009




The magic of photography

is metaphysical. What you

see in the photograph isn’t

what you saw at the time.

The real skill of photography

is organized visual lying. 





Terence Donovan

(1936 – 1996)

British Photographer & Filmmaker

Reflections of Chepstow Castle

August 3, 2009

©   *Firefox

© *Firefox

















Chepstow Castle (WelshCas-gwent), located in Chepstow

Monmouthshire in Wales, on top of cliffs overlooking the 

River Wye, is the oldest surviving stone fortification in Britain.



Well aged

August 3, 2009
© Angelrays

© Angelrays