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Photographer David Hemmings

November 10, 2009

camera -- stamp2













Canadian Photographer David Hemmings specializes in flight

photography.  You can view some of his wonder-filled bird

photos at the following link:





Ok, no one’s looking…

September 2, 2009


© Vince Alongi

© Vince Alongi















Sandhill Cranes II

August 29, 2009

sandhill cranes duo2 -- Florida copy

Sandhill Cranes are big birds, with long legs and necks, long pointed beaks, and wingspans which can be over six feet. Adults are gray with red crowns. Juveniles are gray, washed with brown. During the breeding season, the gray plumage of the adults is often stained brown with mud. A “bustle”, which covers the short tail, is composed of long, drooping inner wing feathers (tertials and inner secondaries.)


Snowy Owl

August 5, 2009


© BugMan50

© BugMan50














Great Horned Owl

August 5, 2009


© BugMan50

© BugMan50















How Wonderful You Are

July 27, 2009


©  *nacnud*

© *nacnud*















Poem: Red With Lavender

July 22, 2009

clipart for Red with Lavender


                            There is a music to this; there

                            is a slight fluttering, a trilling

                            if you will, a measured

                            distance between these peaks;


                            a bird in its nest would

                            know this, would feel the wind,

                            would name the currents as

                            some do stars, would


                            shuffle the alphabet, if birds

                            have that, would call this

                            more; music is like that

                            to birds, to those able to carry


                            these single syllables,

                            draw them out, build on a simple

                            chirp and produce song where

                            there was none, where notes


                            were the last small somethings

                            to be papered in. When

                            the queen wears diamonds, we

                            breathe ambrosia.


                                                         © Diane Beaty

Currently on Display

July 10, 2009


© PGornell

© PGornell











Lake View – Slovenia

July 4, 2009


© Andrea Cucconi

© Andrea Cucconi















Robert Moses Beach

June 30, 2009


© ~emmalily~

© ~emmalily~













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