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Travelin’ Man Update

July 23, 2009


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It’s here… Where the Hell is Matt??? [the book]

Matt Harding’s groundbreaking, moving, hilarious video has been viewed on the Internet over 70 million times. Named Time magazine’s #1 viral video of 2008, it is a genuine worldwide sensation. Some viewers laugh. Some viewers cry. Almost every viewer has sent it on to friends and family. Only in the 21st century could a videogame designer quit his job to travel and become famous on every continent of the planet — just for dancing badly.


Now everyone who has wondered why Harding set out on his travels, how he developed his hard-to-describe but easy-to-recognize dance style, and what the locals thought of his need to dance can indulge their curiosity in his first book, Where the Hell is Matt?: Dancing Badly Around the World. A remarkable travelogue featuring over 250 photographs taken in locations near and far, including Tanzania, Bolivia, Rwanda, South Korea, Norway, Morocco, Australia, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan, Harding’s book takes the reader on a dancing, traveling adventure that only he has experienced, including:


  • Being arrested for just dancing badly in Athens
  • What it’s like to try and dance in zero gravity during parabolic flight
  • How he joined a chorus of Bollywood dancers outside Mumbai
  • The feeling of dancing under the wary eyes of communist soldiers in North Korea
  • The chill of dancing in an indoor ski resort in Dubai
  • Why he thinks llamas built the Incan city of Machu Pichu
  • Dancing in the shadow of the giant heads of Easter Island
  • What it’s like to be famous for being nothing more than a very bad dancer


For the millions who have come to know and love Harding for his video, Where the Hell is Matt? Dancing Badly Around the World will be a special treat. 

Please note: multiple booksellers offer this book. I bought my copies through Barnes & Noble. If you order there by July 27th  you can receive 20% off by utilizing the following coupon code: P3N9L8M


Now, on to the video, which will be a repeat for those who saw it on this site in March, but it’s one of those things that is still enjoyable when viewed again: