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Children’s Poem: Unicorn Rainbows

September 13, 2009

unicorn rainbow --


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Unicorn rainbows are the prettiest 
sights, the glowing fire-colors 
that show off their lights, throwing
out hope for the weak, and 
the weary, in a palace of splendor, 
in a place once thought dreary. Prisms 
of dreams that dance in the night 
are locked up, enclosed in the rainbow’s 
green light. Laughter and gaiety 
glow in the yellow, and burst forth,
like marshmallows bouncing 
on Jello. Castles and dragons blend
with the blue, the source of our strengths,
and weaknesses too. Renewal is found 
in the color of pink, whenever our lives
creep over the brink. Yes, unicorn 
 rainbows are magical stuff, and, of them, 
 we never can get quite enough!!!


                                         © Diane Beaty


Poem: A Finger’s Stretch

August 22, 2009

clipart for A Finger's Stretch


                                   Fire dying in upon itself till

                                   all is ash or hearth —


                                   undone, we slip into the folds

                                   of dawn – move simply, gently


                                   ever on – and where a creviced

                                   rock will stand we lay


                                   ourselves upon the land like

                                   melted froth of winter’s snow;


                                   and gather to us what will

                                   grow, and gather up this raucous


                                   din to settle near and ever in –

                                   nature’s patterned slip towards


                                   death the one kept distance

                                   near us, yet we sit here green


                                   among the pines where trickles

                                   roar these twining vines.


                                                              © Diane Beaty 


Please note: The poem is mine, but the photo used to accompany this post is a clipart photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photographer’s name.



Poem: What if…

June 29, 2009











     What if all the city services

     were gone, and a fire

     flashed up, all hungry for

     your home, and there was

     no one to answer your

     distress — no 9-1-1 dispatcher,

     no fireman leaving rest

     to come…and, even if he

     did, no water to appear

     to quench the flames…

     and no electric light to shine

     upon the remnants of your life,

     slicked up, in ashes.

                           © Diane Beaty


The fire hydrant photo in today’s batch of pics reminded me

of the above poem that I wrote rather quickly at a poetry group’s

meeting some years back. Each group member had a short

amount of time to write something that started with the words

“What if” and the above is what I came up with for that

particular exercise.

Into The Fire

June 8, 2009


©   ~EvidencE~

© ~EvidencE~