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Printable Coloring Pages

February 19, 2010

offers free coloring

pages at the 

following addy:



Poem: The Urge to Know

August 18, 2009

The Urge to Know -- clipart


                          There is a never in nothing. Perhaps,

                           that is why we breed and

                           build. Perhaps, that is why we

                           replace these palaces


                           with the something more

                           our mind conceives. Marble cliffs

                           and grander gardens. Color.

                           Texture. No such thing as a standard


                           gray. On a whim, let us rebuild

                           our arrival’s evidence.

                           Here is the face I wore, and there

                           is your body – deliciously


                           sweet. How we both loved, then,

                           the digressive meaning.

                           There are some things which never need

                           saying, like the thief who


                           reminds you again that he

                           has the gun – as if you could freely

                           move your stunned eyes anywhere.


                                                                     ©  Diane Beaty 


Please note: The poem in this post is my work, the accompanying photo is a clipart piece.

Photographer Vincent Versace

August 15, 2009

camera -- stamp2













Click on the following link to view some of the work

from today’s Quote of the Day Photographer,

Vincent Versace:


Photography Podcasts


The Candid Frame has a number of podcasts available featuring

multiple photographers. You can listen to these online, or hear

them on your iPod via a Free iTunes subscription.


The following is a link to the Vincent Versace

podcast info: 



Quote of the Day

August 2, 2009



Photography is the only

“language” understood in all

parts of the world, and

bridging all nations and

cultures, it links the family

of man. Independent of

political influence – where

people are free – it reflects

truthfully life and events,

allows us to share in the

hopes and despair of others,

and illuminates political

and social conditions. We become the eye-witnesses of the

humanity and inhumanity of mankind.


Helmut Gernsheim


German-born Photohistorian & Photographer

Fabric arts: QuiltAssistant

July 23, 2009




artwork © Diane Beaty


QuiltAssistant is a free program for designing quilts based

on photos, and drawing pieced quilt blocks with ease.


Go to the following link to learn more, and to download

QuiltAssistant: #mce_temp_url#

Digital art: Mardi Gras 7109

July 1, 2009

Mardi Gras 7109


© Diane Beaty


This piece started life in the bomomo program, which works

in the Internet Explorer browser, but not the default browser 

I currently use. Still, it’s worth the hassle of opening a different

browser for your bomomo sessions if you can come up with

interesting creations.


bomomo can be found at the following link:




[Each button at the bottom gives you a different effect; just play

with buttons until you are happy with what you see. Don’t like it?

Clear the slate and start over; I find a good dose of experimentation

usually leads to digital magic.]


Note: bomomo is a FREE program. There’s no cost involved in

putting together your next creation.

Photoshop: Free Brushes

June 22, 2009




Click on the following link

to go to a site that offers

free time-saving star, music,

leaf, lightning, swirl, splatter,

calligraphy, heart, bubble,

Polaroid, snowflake, Easter egg

and ribbon brushes:


Photography: New Forum for Scott Critiques

April 14, 2009





Scott Critiques offers

FREE critiques

designed to help

people learn

better picture skills.





Scott, up to this point, has done a one-on-one critique.  Now, he is asking you, the viewer, to take part in the criticism of pictures uploaded by others. To do that, he has created a Flickr group.

Here’s how things will happen now:

Each week, Scott will pick one picture from the group pool and post it on his blog. He will then create a new thread in the Flickr group discussion forum

to which you can add your critique and post altered versions before Scott closes the thread to add his final comments and upload his version to the blog.

I think everyone, from newbie to pro can learn something during these productive discussions, whether or not you offer a photo or add a critique.

To view the full critique details, click on the following link and view the posts from April 6th though the 13th: