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Bodhran & Tin Whistle – Salmon’s Leap

March 17, 2010

A video featuring pictures of the Irish countryside and music

by Celia and Marc of the Irish duo Salmon’s Leap — 

[A bodhran is a hand-held goatskin drum used in traditional

Irish music. The tin whistle (also called the tinwhistle,

whistle, penny whistle, Irish whistle, feadóg, or feadóg stain)

is a simple six-holed woodwind instrument.]


Irish Tin Whistle – The Corrs

March 17, 2010

This band is called “The Corrs” and is made up of 3 sisters

and a brother — Jim on keyboards, Sharon on violin (fiddle),

Caroline on drums and Andrea on tin (or penny) whistle.

They are from Dundalk in the east of Ireland, which is

located about 50 miles from Dublin.

The Corrs — Toss The Feathers

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!!!

And who is it, now, who will draw me a pint of lovely Guinness??? 🙂

Photographer Donovan Wylie

August 9, 2009

camera -- stamp2














Click on the following link to view some of the work

from today’s Quote of the Day Photographer,

Donovan Wylie:



Click on Portfolio to get to a slideshow of the images.

Quote of the Day

August 9, 2009





Photography offered all things

a young person desires –

a sense of purpose, a real sense

of adventure and something 

at the end of it to reward you. 





Donovan Wylie

(1971 –    )

Irish Photographer

Quote of the Day

April 15, 2009







The true meaning of life 

is to plant trees under 

whose shade you do not

expect to sit.





The above words passed from Nelson Henderson 

to his son Wesley on graduation day. 


Nelson was an immigrant farmer whose family left Ireland 

during the Great Hunger to finally settle as pioneers 

in the Swan River Valley of Manitoba.