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Children’s Poem: Sandman Dan

September 13, 2009

Sandman Dan --


image & poem

© Diane Beaty



Daniel Frog I am often called,

though you can call me Dan. I live

within a lily pond; I’m working

for ‘the man’. I jump and sweep

the waters deep for a special

type of sand which helps a sleepy

little one travel to Dreamland.


I’m not well-known by anyone –

my secret’s meant to keep – even

you will forget me soon when you

drift off to sleep. So off you go

to Wonderland, and before your nap

is through, I shall slip back to my

lily pad, collect more sand for you.


                    © Diane Beaty


Dead Whatever

August 22, 2009

clipart for Dead Whatever


                           We sift the streambed’s squishy


                           acres, absorbing what is

                           sometimes known, what’s guessed


                           at; what lingers in a long refrain;

                           what sings our story:


                           the sum of our remembered past;

                           notes of our futility; talk


                           in rich, reductive measures. What’s

                           not resisted pushes down. We


                           live as ably as we can, too many

                           cures are badly counted.


                           Worlds dismissed are restless tomes,

                           fumes we dance a lung across.    


                                                                           © Diane Beaty



Please note: Again, the poem is mine, and the photo used to accompany this post is a clipart photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photographer’s name.

Quote of the Day

June 27, 2009




Photography combines

those elements of spontaneity

and immediacy that say

”this is happening, this is real”,

and creates an image

through curious alchemy

that will live and grow 

and become more meaningful…



Dan Weiner


American Photographer