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Quote of the Day

December 7, 2009

Human gesture and expression are the essence of photography. It’s not about lights or fast lenses and fast film. It’s the ability to capture a moment in time. To capture the spirit of someone in that magic box is wonderful. It’s what I fell in love with as a kid. 

John Shearer

American Photographer

Note: I’ve found sites for two different John Shearers – either may or may not belong to the Quote of the Day Photographer mentioned above. Both, however, appear to have singers and musicians as their subjects:




Digital art: Alchemy

September 23, 2009



© Diane Beaty

Wood to metal wizardry.

 Click on the link for a larger view:


Children’s Poem: Unicorn Rainbows

September 13, 2009

unicorn rainbow --


image source: #mce_temp_url#



Unicorn rainbows are the prettiest 
sights, the glowing fire-colors 
that show off their lights, throwing
out hope for the weak, and 
the weary, in a palace of splendor, 
in a place once thought dreary. Prisms 
of dreams that dance in the night 
are locked up, enclosed in the rainbow’s 
green light. Laughter and gaiety 
glow in the yellow, and burst forth,
like marshmallows bouncing 
on Jello. Castles and dragons blend
with the blue, the source of our strengths,
and weaknesses too. Renewal is found 
in the color of pink, whenever our lives
creep over the brink. Yes, unicorn 
 rainbows are magical stuff, and, of them, 
 we never can get quite enough!!!


                                         © Diane Beaty

Digital art: magic – 9109

September 1, 2009

magic -- 9109


© Diane Beaty

This piece is a collage produced by adding and tinkering with a

multiple number of layers in various programs. It has been run

through Photoshop, Picnik, Paint and Picasa. 


Quote of the Day

August 7, 2009




The magic of photography

is metaphysical. What you

see in the photograph isn’t

what you saw at the time.

The real skill of photography

is organized visual lying. 





Terence Donovan

(1936 – 1996)

British Photographer & Filmmaker

Quote of the Day

July 30, 2009



It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates. It is light I “listen” to. The light late in the day has a distinct quality, as it fades toward the darkness of evening. After sunset there is a gentle leaving of the light, the air begins to still, and a quiet descends. I see magic in the quiet light of dusk. I feel quiet, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails. A sense of mystery. It is a time for contemplation, for listening – a time for making photographs.


John Sexton

(1953 –    )

American Photographer

Quote of the Day

July 8, 2009



After midnight is magic time. The old two lane roads and dead, dusty towns are empty and quiet. I can set my tripod up in the middle of the road and make a ten minute exposure without the fear of getting run over. If a car did come, I can hear its engine whispering on the breeze ten minutes before I ever see its lights. The fluttering of bats wings, and the distinct howl of distant coyotes are the only sounds to keep me company. It’s easy to see why the native American culture is so reverent about the power of nature.



Troy Paiva

American Artist & Photographer

Digital art: Mardi Gras 7109

July 1, 2009

Mardi Gras 7109


© Diane Beaty


This piece started life in the bomomo program, which works

in the Internet Explorer browser, but not the default browser 

I currently use. Still, it’s worth the hassle of opening a different

browser for your bomomo sessions if you can come up with

interesting creations.


bomomo can be found at the following link:




[Each button at the bottom gives you a different effect; just play

with buttons until you are happy with what you see. Don’t like it?

Clear the slate and start over; I find a good dose of experimentation

usually leads to digital magic.]


Note: bomomo is a FREE program. There’s no cost involved in

putting together your next creation.