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Dead Whatever

August 22, 2009

clipart for Dead Whatever


                           We sift the streambed’s squishy


                           acres, absorbing what is

                           sometimes known, what’s guessed


                           at; what lingers in a long refrain;

                           what sings our story:


                           the sum of our remembered past;

                           notes of our futility; talk


                           in rich, reductive measures. What’s

                           not resisted pushes down. We


                           live as ably as we can, too many

                           cures are badly counted.


                           Worlds dismissed are restless tomes,

                           fumes we dance a lung across.    


                                                                           © Diane Beaty



Please note: Again, the poem is mine, and the photo used to accompany this post is a clipart photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photographer’s name.


Quote of the Day

June 15, 2009





Adventure is not only measured in kilometers. Strong emotions are not only found in front of the Parthenon. Emotion, if you are worthy of it, will be felt before the smile of a child returning home with his school books, a tulip in a vase touched by a ray of sunlight, or the face of a beloved woman. 




Willie Ronis

(1910-     )

French Photographer 

Quote of the Day

May 11, 2009




Our eye must constantly measure, evaluate. We alter our perspective by a slight bending of the knees; we convey the chance meeting of lines by a simple shifting of our heads a thousandth of an inch…. We compose almost at the same time we press the shutter, and in placing the camera closer or farther from the subject, we shape the details – taming or being tamed by them. 


Henri Cartier-Bresson


French Photographer