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Workshops: Fall 2009 & Summer 2010

August 9, 2009

camera -- 35mm












Here are some photo workshops that Jay Goodrich will be teaching

with legendary nature photographers Art Wolfe and Gavriel Jecan,

and others that he will be leading on his own.


Travels to the Edge Grand Teton with Art Wolfe, September 13-16, 2009

Art Wolfe in West Yellowstone, September 26-27, 2009

Art Wolfe in Mount Rainier National Park, October 2-4, 2009

The Bears of Lake Clark National Park, July 21-27, 2010

The Altiplano of Chile, August 3-16, 2010


And here’s a link to an Art Wolfe webinar if you are unfamiliar

with him or his work:




You can  view the webinar at any time. Just click on the double bar

button at the bottom left of the iLinc  thingie for the movie to load

and play.


[If you know of other workshops, or have one of your own, please

feel free to add info about those in the comments section.]


Jumpin Jive — Cab Calloway, Nicholas Brothers

June 20, 2009

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers from the movie

“Stormy Weather” (1943)

Jean Goldkette – Painting The Clouds With Sunshine, 1929

May 7, 2009

“Here’s Looking At You, Kid.”

April 24, 2009

Casablanca. One of the best endings in movie history.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen it.

Play it, Sam — From ‘Casablanca’

April 24, 2009