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Tate Modern Turns Ten

March 31, 2010

Tate Modern turns 10 on 12 May 2010, 

 and, to celebrate, Tate Modern invites

 you to contribute the ten best images

 you’ve taken of Tate Modern and in

 Turbine Hall.

 As part of their 10th birthday 

 celebrations, the folks there are also

 planning a short film that tells the

 story of Tate Modern.

 Some  images posted to the Flickr 

 group before April 16th 2010 may

 be selected to be included in the

Tate Modern is 10 film. 

Go to the following link for full details: #mce_temp_url#


Quote of the Day

April 25, 2009





Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.


Ansel Adams


American Photographer

One-Bed Uffizi

April 2, 2009


© Diane Beaty











Herb and Dorothy Vogel recently donated more than 4,000 artworks

to museums across America.


Read their amazing story of selflessness here:  #mce_temp_url#