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Quote of the Day

December 26, 2009




The greatest value

of a picture is

when it forces us

to notice what

we never expected

to see.

John W. Tukey

(1915 – 2000)

American Chemist/


Tukey was an pre-computer home-schooled data geek. Check out his bio here:


The following is from Wiki:

“Tukey coined many statistical terms that have become part of common usage, but the two most famous coinages attributed to him were related to computer science.

While working with John von Neumann on early computer designs, Tukey introduced the word “bit” as a contraction of “binary digit”.[2] The term “bit” was first used in an article by Claude Shannon in 1948.

The term “software“, which Paul Niquette claims he coined in 1953, was first used in print by Tukey in a 1958 article in American Mathematical Monthly, and thus some attribute the term to him;[3] incorrectly, according to Niquette’s claim.

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Poem: Meeting

September 25, 2009


clipart for Meeting


                       On the bridge, he sips her breath,

                       seals her back, is of her shape


                       what she is not. I am already that

                       which they abhor – my unintentioned


                       place in their sun, intrusive. If

                       those waters could keep their gaze,


                       I’d slip into shadow, retrace my

                       own false steps, turn up elsewhere –


                       though when I first began, this path

                       was mine. They notice me – and


                       part. Half a step beyond, I am

                       tempted by their love to try again.  


                                                                         © Diane Beaty