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Quote of the Day

January 2, 2010

You see fleeting perfection of form merging with a significant substance, and you make a clicking noise only a hair’s breadth away. You have then judged something, reported something, ostensibly truthfully… And when you made a clicking noise you said something eloquently if you are skilled.

Burk Uzzle

(1938 –    )

American Photographer

Burk is the guy who took a bunch of Woodstock pics.

From Boing Boing:

“Burk Uzzle shot the festival from the vantage point of a participant. In one particularly telling photograph, a sea of humanity as dense as a carpet of wildflowers in a meadow spills over a hillside; in another, a young hippie couple standing in a tender embrace under a grandmother’s quilt became the icon of a generation. Rather than document the music, Uzzle chose to focus on details of living, existence, and enjoyment over that three day period. In so doing, he captured the spirit of the festival and ultimately an era.”


And here’s the story behind one well-known Woodstock photo:



Digital art: QuiltAssistant 72309

July 23, 2009

qa1 -- 72309


© Diane Beaty


This is a first attempt using the free QuiltAssistant program. The quilt

block shown is called the Wheel of Mystery. 


Follow the link to view it in a larger size: #mce_temp_url#


Drafting traditional quilt blocks are a breeze using this program,

and detailed steps for building the following blocks can be found

with this software’s instructions: Ohio Star, Dutchman’s Puzzle,

Eight-Point Star, Log Cabin Variation, and the Wheel of Mystery

pictured here.

Fabric arts: QuiltAssistant

July 23, 2009




artwork © Diane Beaty


QuiltAssistant is a free program for designing quilts based

on photos, and drawing pieced quilt blocks with ease.


Go to the following link to learn more, and to download

QuiltAssistant: #mce_temp_url#

Saucy Isaura

May 29, 2009


© Nordmark

© Nordmark














13″ square, all cotton fabric, quilted. 


Saucy Isaura is but one project from a very talented quilter;

click on the following link to see more examples of her

beautiful work: #mce_temp_url#