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Smithsonian Archives of American Art

September 21, 2009

Smithsonian Archives of American Art




Since 1954, the Archives has collected roughly 16 million letters,

photographs, diaries, oral history interviews, sketches, scrapbooks,

business records, and other documents that support the study of

the history of the visual arts in America.


Click on the link to view what is available online:




September 16, 2009

stacked books



is a site

that produces

study guides.

Dive into their

poetry section

for some


reads: #mce_temp_url#

Art & Photography: Central Florida

September 2, 2009


camera -- art










The following site lists art and photography opportunities 

for those living in Central Florida:



July 23, 2009


© gwennie2006

© gwennie2006
















This digital artist works on photos submitted by others

and then explains the changes made and why.


[If you’re into Photoshop, etc. make sure you mark this

as an interesting site for further reference.]

Quote of the Day

June 26, 2009




As long as there’s journalism, there

will be photojournalism. They’re

two halves of a whole. And

although they certainly won’t last

forever, for the moment I don’t see

either one of them coming to an

end. Roland Barthes, in his book

Camera Lucida, stated that

photography, rather than film or


television, is the collective memory of the world. As I see it,

he’s right about this. Photography immortalizes a moment,

which then becomes a symbol, a reference. Photography is 

universal language; it doesn’t need translation. Its collective

memory is a mirror in which our society continually

observes itself… 



Sebastiao Salgado

 (1944-    )

Brasilian Photographer & Photojournalist

Photoshop Filters Reference Guide

June 9, 2009


© Diane Beaty



Those who are new to Photoshop 

might find the sheer number

of filter effects available a bit

confusing. The following is a link to a quick and handy

reference guide: #mce_temp_url#