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Quote of the Day

September 3, 2009




The virtue of the camera

is not the power it

has to transform

the photographer into

an artist, but the impulse

it gives him to keep

on looking. 




Brooks Atkinson

(1894- 1984)

American Theatre Critic


Trivia Note:  In 1960,  the Mansfield Theatre was renamed the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, the first Broadway house to be named after a theatre critic.


Quote of the Day

June 12, 2009



Examine the lives of people who

have truly excelled in any of the

arts – music, theater, dance,

sculpture – and they have one

characteristic in common: the

capacity to commit themselves

wholeheartedly to their chosen

disciplines. They do it every

day. No excuses.



David Hurn 

(1934-    )

English Photographer